Born 1987, Kamien Pomorski Poland.

2012 graduated Polish National Film, Television and Theater School, Photography department, Bachelor degree.

Based and work in Warsaw, Poland.

Selected exhibitions:

2017 - “Soft Toys”, PHOTO ZONA gallery, Wrocław, Poland.

2016 - “UTOPIAS”,EcoExpandedCity.WroArtCenter, Wrocław, Poland.

2015 - “LOST”, dummy of Karolina Jonderko project nominated to final of “Rock Your Dummy” Le Photobook Fest, France.

2013 – “Perception”, group exhibition #20LATPWSFTVIT, Łódź, Poland

2011 – “Love as a terminal illness”,2nd place at International competition of Young photographers, Jarosław Poland.

Selected workshops:

2015 – Workshops of bookbinding. Guided: Michał Chojecki, Oficyna Peryferie.

2013 – Workshops “photo books – edition and designing”. Guided: Anna Nałęcka.

2013 - „Labour in a single shot”. Guided: Harun Farocki, Antje Ehmann.